Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Second after Twenthieth Entry

Much time has passed since I have had a moment to tune into the blogosphere. Xzazar as you may have guessed is the center of our focus. It can now invade minds -- psychobegging for more nourishment to quench its insatiable appetite. Of course it remains unresistably adorable! Recently it learned to absorb particles from the atmosphere, giving us some free time and energy!

Mine I have decided to spend catching up on the goings on of the universe. The waves among you Earthlings are abuzz with excitement! Sadness remains, but your sphere emits bolts of positive light from each visible land mass. We Otonyans congratulate you on your optimism. My understanding of the reasons you celebrate is only partial. On your yesterday, I noticed in one portion of a visible land mass that there were many more queues than usual, concentrated in spots. Any elucidation on the meanings of these events is welcome.

Parenting duties beckon. Whatever you Earthlings are excited about, I sincerely hope chance aligns with your wishes. Peace.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


First after Twentieth Entry

The birth was successful -- we are now proud parents of a cute baby grunyi. We have chosen to name our child Xzazar, after one of its technically now thirty grandparents. Half of us seem to be suffering something akin to "postpartum depression", as it is known in your world. Our symptoms are a sharp pain in our cores and rot-spots on our flesh. After we clean them out, deep pits are left behind which, without attentive care, can become infected. Our postpartum depression is a direct result of the extreme isolation we underwent during pregnancy, the birthing process, and now, the heavy demands we face in supporting Xzazar's growth and development. There is never a question however whether it is worth it.

Grunyis eat the most of all the genders, and we must each take turns with the feedings -- twenty-five per day! Ooyot babies begin the size and texture of an Earthling raisin and are of a dark green color. It takes many months of feeding to attain that highly sought after plump pear shape that is the pride of young ooyot parents these days. After only three Earthling days, however, we are making visible progress. The wrinkle lines are fading and Xzazar's base is really starting to take shape!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Twentieth Entry

It's the third month of embryonic incubation and the unborn one has been doing just fine. As we must remained "hooked-up" for the duration of the pregnancy, we've been practicing a fair amount of meditation. I have been drifting in and out of hasfuy, what you would call consciousness, for about 50 of your earth days. I'm sorry that such practices do not allow me to "post" on your blogger comunication platforms, but pregnancy is very tough on us ooyotes. We must not only nourish our embryo with matter, but mentally stimulate its "wireless" organs. This stimulation is critical; we must ensure that it can function in our advanced society.

The Otonyan sky is beautiful tonight, all yellow and green. I am very tired and I must save the energy needed to stimulate the young one in the next session.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Nineteenth Entry

Home life has vastly improved since Hfsh's return. To our relief, Hfsh and Rsadssa get along splendidly. Even better, we consulted an ooyotian doctor regarding our embryo and were informed that thanks to advancements in medical technology, Hfsh can be included. The doctor explained that the medical personnel could extract DNA from both Hfsh and the embryo, run a computer analysis of both to determine an optimal code, then strategically cut genes from Hfsh's DNA and and weave them into the embryo's. The embryo will take two additional Earthling months to conform all the already existing DNA to the new DNA, but after that it should be fine. That way, Hfsh won't feel left out. The miracles of medical science these days are really impressive!

We also filed a report with IDS (Interplanetary Detective Services) about Hfsh's kidnapping and what we observed in Nuvem 1. We expect to hear back from them in the next few weeks. Hopefully they will be able to crack the mystery!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Eighteenth Entry

We're just back from our rescue mission to the galaxies known in your parts as Nuvens de Magalhaes, previously untraveled by Otonyan kind. Thankfully, we were successful in retrieving dear Hfsh from the clutches of evil kidnappers. We do not yet have a complete understanding of their motive, but apparently Hfsh was not a lone victim. We found a number of other of other ooyots imprisoned in glass jugs. Some we found dismembered and scattered about over a countertop. It appeared that the kidnappers had some interest in ooyotian telepathic technology, as the communication devices of our poor planetfellows had been extracted and were nowhere to be found among their grisly remains. We were beset with grief that anyone would go so far as to destroy us. However, we were also overjoyed to find Hfsh and other abducted ooyots alive! Still, something is lurking out there. I suspect this won't be the last of it.

We were tipped off to Hfsh's location by signals that we traced in a direction beyond the reaches of our galaxy. Hfsh had tried to communicate with us, but due to the distance, only evidence of a message, but not its contents, made it through. While we had no map of the area since neither of the Nuvens has been previously explored, as soon as we merged into Nuvem 1 in the direction of the signal, we came across a small, visibly inhabited planet, from which we detected Hfsh's signal emanating with increasing intensity, despite a constant background of high-pitched vibration that sometimes obscured it.

When we arrived on terra firma, we parasited onto a much larger pod that appeared to have also just landed. The alien pod carried us down to an inner chamber, hidden beneath the surface of the planet. We had the fortune of not meeting any of Hfsh's captors or their kind. Thanks perhaps to our size, we were able to complete the mission undetected. However, it is rather strange -- the chambers in which we found the glass jugs and ooyot remains appeared quite ordinary based on our experience on Earth and in other parts of the universe, yet we saw no inhabitants on that planet, anywhere.

We are just grateful that we all returned intact. We now face the difficult task of deciding what to do, now that we are already well underway in our nesting with Rsadssa and now Hfsh's is returned to us. While sixsomes are not unheard of, five can anticipate that a sixsome, especially where one has not equally partaken in the act of parenting, is wrought with subtle complexities and conflicts. We shall keep you posted about the status of our family.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Seventeenth Entry

Hfsh is alive.

We do not know what to do.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Sixteenth Entry

All is calm here in our liquid homeworld.

This has been such a great week. I do feel bad for our old fifth, Hfsh, but our new one, Rsadssa, is just great.

Yesterday we installed the new "hookups" to connect our five bodies together. We're going to try to replicate, or as you earthlings would say, reproduce. It's funny that this whole topic of procreation is so taboo on your world. Here it's different.

Wish us luck.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Fifth after the Tenth Entry

So to day we met a new fifth!

We telecommunicated with our new partner, named Rsadssa, after receiving a tip from the bureau of missing, lost and newfound matting types. Rsadssa's group were victims of that meteor shower, did I mention it? A dozen of so rocks slammed onto our vast ocean-planet about four of your earth days past.

The explosions were of great intensity and unleashed giant compression waves in our liquid environment. Unfortunately Rsadssa's fivesome was hit with one of these hot compression waves ... Rsadssa barely survived, the poor thing looks like it has a bite taken off of it. The others are gone.

So tragic.

But now we can bring hope to our new companion and also fill the great hole in our own group.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Fourteenth Entry

I once described my home planet. Did I ever mention our moon, Sohrenya?

Here is a nice picture I took from my last jaunt around our solar system.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Thanks for the Grub!

Just back from a trip to Earth -- visited some fellow Otonyans who are studying Earthling culture in America. For the Thanksgiving feast, we were guests at the home of an American Earthling. We ate so much that if we had stomachs, they would most certainly explode! The effect of tryptophan on us ooyots is just about the opposite of that on Earthlings. My friends and I were bouncing off the walls, while our Earthling friend nearly shook the neighborhood with his snores! We tried ever so hard to pull his face out of the mashed potatoes and put him to bed, but the combination of our pear-shaped bodies and the slickness from the gravy grease rendered it impossible. So we had to leave him there. I hope he didn't die of mashed potato asphyxia. Oh dear.

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