Friday, October 21, 2005


First Entry

Thank you for visiting my bdiary. I am Xyzzy Zazu, from the land of Otonya, on the outer perimeter of the Milky Way. I last visited Earth approximately three earth months ago -- sent on a reconaissance mission by the Otonyan Planet Exploratory Commission (OPEC).

Upon my return, I decided to begin this bdiary so that I would have an outlet for my thoughts and in the hopes that I would enlighten Earthlings with knowledge of a distant, unknown world. As a humble Otonyan, I also hope to be enlightened by you -- my readers. Please feel free to offer your cultural insights in the commentary section of my bdiary.

I thought I would begin by a description of my homeland. Otonya is a planet of approximately 5.1 billion major inhabitants -- approximately 3.3 billion zyrdzys, 1.3 billion mynqys, and half a billion ooyots. Unlike your land, Otonya is pear-shaped. Its atmosphere is liquid -- 50% methanol, 42% mercury and 8% other substances. Since there is no terra firma in sight, all Otonyans are highly skilled and developed swimmers.

It is believed that long ago, there was solid ground on Otonya and creatures with legs; however, according to the elders, they died out long ago. One of my twenty-five grandparents once told me that a passing traveler spoke of seeing carcasses of these legged monstrosities -- which we call guaguas -- in the equatorial regions of the planet, which for centuries have been too dense to inhabit. My dream since that day has been to discover the truth about guaguas -- how they lived, what they did, and how they ultimately perished as a species. But that is a subject for another day . . .

So, I do not really imagine this is likely to have success.
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