Friday, November 25, 2005


Thanks for the Grub!

Just back from a trip to Earth -- visited some fellow Otonyans who are studying Earthling culture in America. For the Thanksgiving feast, we were guests at the home of an American Earthling. We ate so much that if we had stomachs, they would most certainly explode! The effect of tryptophan on us ooyots is just about the opposite of that on Earthlings. My friends and I were bouncing off the walls, while our Earthling friend nearly shook the neighborhood with his snores! We tried ever so hard to pull his face out of the mashed potatoes and put him to bed, but the combination of our pear-shaped bodies and the slickness from the gravy grease rendered it impossible. So we had to leave him there. I hope he didn't die of mashed potato asphyxia. Oh dear.

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