Monday, October 31, 2005


Seventh Entry

As today is the only day of the year on which I can travel freely on Earth in my true form, I decided to take a daytrip to Earth. I traveled by space carrier, got dropped off in the Atlantic Ocean, changed into my piernaspants and climbed out of the water. Tonight I plan to visit Salem, MA to enjoy watching the other creatures.

I'll tell you about what we learned this weekend, but later.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Sixth Entry

Today we move on with our lives. Tomorrow, our good friends -- Nynnys, Lyrnas, Dyrvyn, Catralyn and Tysseri, a fivesome -- come to visit for some moments. They are historians and we are anxious to learn some newfound secrets of our collective past. We also plan to swim out to the nearby Mrynyrqys region, which is famous for its iridescent fluorospores. It will be a sight to behold!

We are in a hurry to fix up our area for our guests, as our lives since Hsfh left have been in some disarray. On top of that, we are struggling to decide what waves to surround our guests in. We have selected jaunty, bright material, to infuse our guests as much as ourselves with optimism and vitality.

Have a wonderful few days -- I know not whether I'll have the mind to communicate while our guests are here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Fifth Entry

Yesterday's concert was marvelous. However I must clarify something, I have been calling this a concert, but only for a lack of any other way of describing it. Shyrls Mynqys can resynthesize many episodes of our collective thought and experience, but in an almost abstract style. Ahh, let me try again, it was mesmerizing static. Excuse my inability to properly articulate this display of virtuosity.

How would you describe music to one who lacked the ability to hear?

As my life on Otonya continues, I still cannot forget our recent loss. You may wonder how I, an ooyotian with telepathic (or as you would now say "wireless") capabilities could not know the fate of our lost companion; simply put, our communicative capabilities are limited. If we seek each other out mentally, yet fail to hear an answer does this indicate they end or a new beginning for our fifth one? Death in our world is always shrouded in uncertainty, and this would equally seem to be the case on your world. But unlike you humans we do not wonder about a soul or a higher being but the real tangible faith of of loved ones.

Have they floated away in the ether or have they become nomads with within the vast expanse of our ocean?

Please forgive my long soliloquy, this time has been a time of sadness.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Fourth Entry

We are going to the Myrns Theater to experience the famous Shyrls Mynqys. I cannot wait. While a steady intake of waves of certain frequencies and amplitudes are vital to ooyotian well-being and survival, Mynqys might seem a bit of a luxury. However, given the blow we recently suffered, some exposure to the deeper registers will do us some good. Also, the Myrns Theater region is zyrdzys-rich: we'll emerge from the performance happy, energetic, and refreshed enough to return to the daunting task that awaits us.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Third Entry

Now you may wonder how I, Xyzzy, can post entries onto your "world wide web". The answer I'm afraid is not simple.

Once we too were a rather dull organism. We ran around and interacted with each other to form the basis of a primitive economy. As you have just discovered, the exchange of information was extremely important to our society.

We too had a version of what you would call an "internet" but it was different in many ways. Eventually we dispensed with what you would call wires and external devices to communicate with each other. You might say that we went "wireless" to use your terminology. But it was much more than that. We implanted these devices within our selves, and eventually we even changed our genetic code so that such communication mechanisms would be fully formed during our development and each one of us could communicate on this "network" from the instant of birth.

Ironically if I had written this down half a century ago I would only be able to tell you that we possessed the power of telepathy, fortunately your technology has advanced sufficiently for me to explain this all to you.

This very same fact was the reason for my recent reconnaissance trip to your planet. We deposited beacons, which I am now using to transmit my thoughts to this "blogger", so that we may communicate with you.


Second Entry

I am very upset. Hsfh left us today, just disappeared. How are we to make a new one now? The five of us have been working hard to join but I fear that all these months have been in vain. Now Hsfh is gone and I fear that death may be the reason. When one dies on (or more acurately in) our world, one floats away. I suspect that Hsfh must have left us when we were all busy with our own private affairs.

I envy you earthlings, all you need to participate in the generation of new life is a simple couple. Everything becomes so much more complicated when five are involved. All the different relationships, all the miscommunication, all the infighting. I fear we will never find a fifth. Why did evolutionary history curse us in this way?

Could Hsfh have left us in anger? I do not believe it.

Poor Hsfh.

We are all sad.

Friday, October 21, 2005


First Entry

Thank you for visiting my bdiary. I am Xyzzy Zazu, from the land of Otonya, on the outer perimeter of the Milky Way. I last visited Earth approximately three earth months ago -- sent on a reconaissance mission by the Otonyan Planet Exploratory Commission (OPEC).

Upon my return, I decided to begin this bdiary so that I would have an outlet for my thoughts and in the hopes that I would enlighten Earthlings with knowledge of a distant, unknown world. As a humble Otonyan, I also hope to be enlightened by you -- my readers. Please feel free to offer your cultural insights in the commentary section of my bdiary.

I thought I would begin by a description of my homeland. Otonya is a planet of approximately 5.1 billion major inhabitants -- approximately 3.3 billion zyrdzys, 1.3 billion mynqys, and half a billion ooyots. Unlike your land, Otonya is pear-shaped. Its atmosphere is liquid -- 50% methanol, 42% mercury and 8% other substances. Since there is no terra firma in sight, all Otonyans are highly skilled and developed swimmers.

It is believed that long ago, there was solid ground on Otonya and creatures with legs; however, according to the elders, they died out long ago. One of my twenty-five grandparents once told me that a passing traveler spoke of seeing carcasses of these legged monstrosities -- which we call guaguas -- in the equatorial regions of the planet, which for centuries have been too dense to inhabit. My dream since that day has been to discover the truth about guaguas -- how they lived, what they did, and how they ultimately perished as a species. But that is a subject for another day . . .

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