Friday, January 20, 2006


Nineteenth Entry

Home life has vastly improved since Hfsh's return. To our relief, Hfsh and Rsadssa get along splendidly. Even better, we consulted an ooyotian doctor regarding our embryo and were informed that thanks to advancements in medical technology, Hfsh can be included. The doctor explained that the medical personnel could extract DNA from both Hfsh and the embryo, run a computer analysis of both to determine an optimal code, then strategically cut genes from Hfsh's DNA and and weave them into the embryo's. The embryo will take two additional Earthling months to conform all the already existing DNA to the new DNA, but after that it should be fine. That way, Hfsh won't feel left out. The miracles of medical science these days are really impressive!

We also filed a report with IDS (Interplanetary Detective Services) about Hfsh's kidnapping and what we observed in Nuvem 1. We expect to hear back from them in the next few weeks. Hopefully they will be able to crack the mystery!

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