Tuesday, April 11, 2006


First after Twentieth Entry

The birth was successful -- we are now proud parents of a cute baby grunyi. We have chosen to name our child Xzazar, after one of its technically now thirty grandparents. Half of us seem to be suffering something akin to "postpartum depression", as it is known in your world. Our symptoms are a sharp pain in our cores and rot-spots on our flesh. After we clean them out, deep pits are left behind which, without attentive care, can become infected. Our postpartum depression is a direct result of the extreme isolation we underwent during pregnancy, the birthing process, and now, the heavy demands we face in supporting Xzazar's growth and development. There is never a question however whether it is worth it.

Grunyis eat the most of all the genders, and we must each take turns with the feedings -- twenty-five per day! Ooyot babies begin the size and texture of an Earthling raisin and are of a dark green color. It takes many months of feeding to attain that highly sought after plump pear shape that is the pride of young ooyot parents these days. After only three Earthling days, however, we are making visible progress. The wrinkle lines are fading and Xzazar's base is really starting to take shape!

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