Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Second after Twenthieth Entry

Much time has passed since I have had a moment to tune into the blogosphere. Xzazar as you may have guessed is the center of our focus. It can now invade minds -- psychobegging for more nourishment to quench its insatiable appetite. Of course it remains unresistably adorable! Recently it learned to absorb particles from the atmosphere, giving us some free time and energy!

Mine I have decided to spend catching up on the goings on of the universe. The waves among you Earthlings are abuzz with excitement! Sadness remains, but your sphere emits bolts of positive light from each visible land mass. We Otonyans congratulate you on your optimism. My understanding of the reasons you celebrate is only partial. On your yesterday, I noticed in one portion of a visible land mass that there were many more queues than usual, concentrated in spots. Any elucidation on the meanings of these events is welcome.

Parenting duties beckon. Whatever you Earthlings are excited about, I sincerely hope chance aligns with your wishes. Peace.

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